Stand Up Paddle yoga, flying yoga, acro yoga, yogalates, hardcore yoga and even beer yoga …

Today the types of yoga are almost infinite, integrating various techniques, more or less ancient. And I think this is very good if it helps every single one to find a method, an approach that best suits him to connect to himself.

Dr. Coudron, a doctor and yoga therapist, says that to be yoga, the method must respect the following principles:

do not hurt (“primum non nocere”, first do no harm, the golden rule of medicine, which joins one of the essential principles of yoga, ahimsa, non-violence, towards oneself and others)

coordinate movement and breath,

develop awareness and attention to what is being done.

In my opinion, everything that brings together these 3 ingredients can therefore be considered as yoga, including doing housework! From there, you have a lot more than a minute a day to practice 😉