La minute yoga, let’s go !

La minute yoga, let’s go !

One minute a day, publishing to make you practice a minute of yoga per day

It’s a challenge I want to get me, you, started with. Together, let’s put this intention to practice a little bit, every day …

For you, it is an invitation to practice, meditate, digest, integrate, incarnate, every day, various aspects of life seen by the yogic prism.

For me, it is a form of karma yoga (disinterested yoga) and an outlet for my irrepressible desire to share the nuggets that I discover on my way to the discovery of (my) human nature!

For us, a sadhana (regular practice), a kryia yoga (yoga of action) that allows to feed tapas (the will, determination) to practice swadhyaya (self study) but also Ishvara Pranidhana (to surrender to that which exceeds us, to have confidence, to accept our limits and what we do not understand) … in short, yoga in everyday life!

Already one minute, and you know one of the yoga sutras 😉

tapas swadyaya ishva pranidhana