Abdominal breathing, ready to step in ?!

Abdominal breathing, ready to step in ?!

In Yoga, the importance of thoracic breathing (for energy, tonicity, maintenance) is emphasized as much as abdominal breathing is.

For this type of breathing, the concept is quite simple: you just have let your belly come and go to the rhythm of your breath.

This breathing calms, soothes. It switches the autonomic nervous system into a parasympathetic mode or “rest and digest”. The diaphragm is free to descend. The abdominal organs are “massaged” by the movements of the breath, easing their functions.

Yet, it is culturally not so easy to “let go of the belly”. By our education or because of the society in which we live, we always tend to keep some tone in this area.

So, just for the time of three breaths, try to let go of the belly, without forcing … observe what happens … it is quite possible that emotions present themselves physically, mentally: observe them, feel how they manifest and evolve … .. they are just passing by …

To be repeated whenever you feel the need to calm down a little; or when you wake up, to begin the day in mindfulness; or your bed, at will to fall asleep !


Yoga nidrâ

Yoga nidrâ

“Nidrâ” means sleep in Sanskrit, yoga nidrâ is thus the yogic sleep.

It is a technique of physical, emotional and mental relaxation, tant can improve the quality of sleep, but also relaxation and better stress  and emotion management. In a state between awakening and sleepiness while remaining conscious, yoga nidrâ begins with a deep relaxation session for the body. Then comes Sankalpa (positive short affirmation chosen by the practitioner) and visualizations.

The session typically lasts one hour.

Below is a 15 minutes relaxation (in French but still deeply soothing !). It is quite possible that you fall asleep before the end, it does not matter, start again another day, with practice you will remain increasingly aware !