We are all heroes ! My Christmas tale for you

We are all heroes ! My Christmas tale for you

In the tales of our childhood, mythology or literature, the story is often the same, and for a good reason, it is finally the story of human adventure that is traced … to help us to move forward!

It usually begins with suffering (sickness, loss, material opulence that no longer satisfies). Then one undertakes a journey, a quest (external in stories, often internal in life).

This is how we meet and fight against all kinds of demoniac creatures, dark areas. But there are also benevolent spirits, wise (wo)men, and internal guides.

Then something calls us back to life and allows us to reintegrate it.

In the stories, then comes the time to celebrate. Rejoice as the Buddhists say! And it is this part that we forget maybe a little too often in our modern Western society.

This is the traditional Asterix banquet! The celebration of our journey, our adventure, our victory, big or small, gives value to the work accomplished. It is an integral part of the adventure.

Have you forgotten to rejoice of one of your quests recently? It’s not too late 😉