Yoga during the first months of pregnancy

Yoga during the first months of pregnancy

The first half of pregnancy is a manufacturing phase: a liter of extra blood, ligaments, abdominal muscles lengthen, the baby develops …

The fatigue felt is therefore rather a “dynamic fatigue” (post-delivery it will be a fatigue of recovery).

The practice of yoga during this period must take this into account, in order to boost the future mother. The practice of standing poses, dynamic connections, postures resting on the wrists or arms are dynamic postures (they work well for all during winter too;))

The singing of mantras is also very beneficial: toning, it reinforces the breath and the muscle diaphragm while creating internal vibrations very pleasant and soothing for the baby. To do without forcing naturally.

What do you like to practice ? Have your students practicing during this time of the life of a woman ?

Yoga during the first months of pregnancy

Yoga during and after pregnancy

Perinatal yoga is practiced during pregnancy (prenatal yoga) and after birth (postnatal yoga).

Prenatal yoga

Relaxing, soothing, yoga for pregnant women can be practiced from the 4th month of pregnancy even for beginners, if there are no contrary medical indications.

Prenatal yoga makes you feel good in your body and ease muscle tension, teaches you to breathe in the most appropriate manner during pregnancy, helps you manage stress and anxiety, leads you to relax.

Helping to maintain or regain good physical and mental shape, prenatal yoga helps you to acquire tools to live well your pregnancy and childbirth.

Yoga during pregnancy can helps alleviate the inconvenience caused that can arise in this time : heavy legs, heartburn, back pain, anxiety etc.

Beyond the practice of physical postures, breathwork is fundamental, especially because it will help to handle the contractions.

The emphasis is on relaxation to accompany pregnant women until delivery for their well being during pregnancy and to adapt after the birth of their child. 

yoga prénatal postnatal

Postnatal yoga

From the 1st to the 16th week postpartum, postnatal yoga helps to recover gradually, safely, shape, tone and inner strength.

During the first weeks, learning nursing posture and flexibility stretches is tied with  work on the alignment of the spine and strengthening the pelvic muscles.

At your own pace, the sessions become more fluid and energetic.

The breathing and relaxation exercises are central to the practice and can restore energy and calm the baby.

“The best way to take care of the future is to take care of the now. ”

– Jon Kabat-Zinn –

If you have 10 minutes, I propose to welcome what is happening inside you in this exceptional period in the life of a woman. It is in French but I’m pretty sure you will get a sense of what’s going on !