SANKALPA, the intention

SANKALPA, the intention

An intention hides behind every of our action, this is what motivates us, animates us every day

In yoga, I often invite my students at the beginning of the session to “settle” internally an intention for our practice, but also for the rest of the day, week, month, year to come.

It can be something very simple (being present, relaxing …), a quality that you want to cultivate (patience, compassion towards oneself …), dedicate the session to someone who would need it … everything is allowed, as long as the intention comes from the depths of ourselves, and not from the mental diktat.

It should be something positive, like an inspiration for what is to come. Once this intention is put, it is simply allowed to exist, to grow alone as a seed that would have been sown inside.

My intention for this year of practice with you? Share in the simplest possible way the yogic tools that allow me to find space, freedom, calm in everyday life.

And you, what is your sankalpa, your intention for this new year? What led you to read these lines? Would you take a minute to listen to your inner voice whispers ?