What is a chakra?

What is a chakra?

Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit. According to the yogic philosophy, they are centers of junction between the different channels of energy through the body. We would have thousands.

The 7 main ones are the the most well-known. They allow the circulation of the lunar and solar energies (ida and pingala) but also of the Kundalini which circulates through our main channel (sushumna).

Kundalini is a very powerful energy dormant in our lowest energy center: muladara chakra. When the chakras are opened, the kundalini can ascend into the sushumna, cleansing and purifying this channel to the top (swadistana chakra). Then we can experience enlightenment.

What blocks the way? Our experiences of life : what is not expressed leaves an imprint !

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the meridians follow paths very similar to those of the nadis described by the yogis. Modern research now allows us to understand that these are nerve plexuses, common compression points, fascia continuity, blood and lymphatic circulation channels.

That is why the practice of yoga helps us to lift the emotional blockages, those linked to ego, toxins … that stagnate at these specific points.

Can you try to connect to your root chakra, inside your perineum ?