A minute of practice a day, it is enough ?!

A minute of practice a day, it is enough ?!

Bad news, yoga is not something you get rid of : “1(0) minutes / an hour a day / week and this should be good for some time” …No, your morning practice will chase you all day !

But not as aches after a too intense aerobic class.

Of course, a feeling of lightness, vitality and well-being remains a few hours after the session. But also, flashes, a little like a small inner voice that shows up on its own, whenever it feels like it ( “let go”, “don’t overreact”, “breathe”) … it is your consciousness!

You awoke it, it is now talking to you. You find yourself distancing yourself from your spontaneous mental reactions. You may be even voluntarily paying attention.

And little by little, these new patterns of being settle, replace the old ones, and even become unconscious. You become aware of other patterns etc., you become a constantly evolving being … alive!

If your have more than a minute, I invite you to practice the breathing meditation daily for a week (in French, English version coming soon !).