Kitchari, a yogic detox recipe

Kitchari, a yogic detox recipe

Kitchari is a relatively simple dish, easy to digest, which warms the body and calms the mind. It cleans the digestive system and suits well for a mono-diet of a few days. In Ayurveda, it is suitable for all doshas. Perfect for the winter months, especially after the holidays to rebalance the body after some abuse 😉

It is a mixture of lentils and rice, cooked with vegetables (organic, local and seasonal to do well) and Indian spices. The preparation of the dish takes a little time, but one can cook a little more to consume it over two days.

Add fresh chopped ginger and all the spices (depending on taste: cumin, mustard seeds, coriander, turmeric … or mix of curry ready!). Then the same quantity of rice and lentils is added in twice their volume of water (the quantity of water depends on the personal tastes).

According to the vegetables selected, they will be added cut into pieces at the beginning or a little later, depending on their cooking time. After a few minutes of cooking on high heat, cook over low heat, stirring with love from time to time until the ingredients are completely cooked.

Recipe ideas are numerous on the Internet, I have no favorite or advise for you, it will depend on what you have on hand and your inspiration of the moment!