Jyoti Tratak, the candle meditation

Jyoti Tratak, the candle meditation

Have you ever let your thoughts wander on the flames’ rhythm? Fire has something fascinating, hypnotic, right?

Yogis, all explorers of the body, mind and soul that they are, use this element as a focal point for meditation.

Old scriptures say that this practice also develops intuition.

Would you like to try?

  • Take a comfortable position and place a lighted candle in front of you at about 15-20 centimeters, at eye level if possible.
  • Gaze at the flame of the candle and try not to blink. Let tears flow if they come.
  • Observe what is going on within you, how is your breath, what are your bodily sensations, your thoughts, during the time you have previously decided to grant yourself.

Take a moment at the end of your session to feel the effects of the practice.

* Jyoti means light in Sanskrit, tatrak: to gaze