When one moves along the path of yoga, one day the question of vegetarianism arises. For some, it is unthinkable, for others it comes naturally.

Indeed, yoga makes the practicioner progressively more compassionate. We become more inclined to follow one of yoga’s essential principles: ahimsa, non violence towards oneself and all living beings on the planet. Thus, morally and emotionally, the carnivorous yogi will sometimes become, with practice, quite naturally vegetarian.

But I do not think one should force the process, it would be violent towards oneself if we are not ready to follow this part of the path.

You’re interested but this seems impossible to you? Just try a meal once in a while, then a meal or a day per week … until gradually reversing the trend. And above all, I invite to observe what is happening within you, you will be able to decide for yourself, after personal experimentation, what is right and non violent for you and others!