New term trendy those days, orthorexia is the obsession with healthy eating. As its Greek root may indicate to some of you, it is a pathology. A pathology that could well affect the yogi of modern times as well …

Indeed, if it is proven that balanced food allows one to have a body in harmony, focusing only on this aspect of life is to reduce ones Being to its purely physical part. If the mind is constantly preoccupied (= “occupied before”) with what to eat or not, how to prepare it, how to have an fare environmental impact etc., the objective to eat well to reach peace and harmony of spirit fades away.

It is therefore a question of harmony, of balance between what our body claims, what is good for it and what our mind wants to give it.

Each person is different, there is no universal talk applicable to all . It is therefore up to the yogi to listen to his body, to make experiments to get to know himself and find the food that suits him best, while enjoying!