My first contact with philosophy happened in my final year of high school. I had a teacher who started the year writing in ancient Greek : “Gnothi seauton ῶνῶθι σεαυτόν“. Then he digressed until the end of the year ! For the baccalaureate I did not feel very prepared but today I tell myself that he transmitted to me the essential, as the theme is such a recurrent one through all times around the world.

The more I read, study and and integrate texts dealing with philosophy (culture-jam, I am fan of etymology, and do not resist the temptation to tell you that etymologically the philosopher is the “friend of wisdom”), the more I I realize that this injunction precedes and contains everything.

Inscription of the temple of Delphi taken up by Socrates, the “soul deliver” teaches that it is by knowing himself, by seeking within himself, that man can find wisdom.

It is a question then of re-knowing our qualities, our faults, our tendencies, our “stories”, the mental filters through which we see the world and thus our limits for example.

To know our true nature, we would have to take a step back, learn also to listen to ourselves … and this is really interesting because it is also what yoga also offers 🙂