Presented in an entertaining and educational manner, each yoga session alternates around a theme, dynamic and soothing postures, breathing techniques, concentration exercises and mindfulness. The secular philosophy of yoga grounds on kindness and self-knowledge is an integral part of the course. Children are also invited to interact with each other in order to stimulate their creativity.

Easy postures to achieve, alone or with others, are offered without competitive spirit, during a journey to awaken the child consciousness of his own body and develop self-confidence while raising sensitivity to the world of animals and nature (raise like a tree and keep the balance, jumping like a frog etc.).

The class is filled with exploration exercises to calm down (full abdominal breathing for example), to be more focused (concentration on the breath, sounds, bodily sensations, etc.), to regain energy (stimulating or letting go exercises).

Each session ends with a relaxation, as a story, an invitation to relaxation and imagination. By adapting the practice to the season, the time of day and the emotional state of the children, I would like to share with joy a yoga adapted to the specificities of growing up beings.