We differ greatly in our capacity to experience different emotional states, but why is that ?

A first reason for this is that our genetic heritage influences the way we experience events and determines our ability to regulate our own emotions.

Indeed, for the survival of the species, two categories of human being are necessary: ​​those who can anticipate the danger, be reactive; And those who, once preserved from danger, will be enterprising, constructive, creative.

We are therefore genetically more or less vulnerable (a quality, if we know how to tame it!) to emotions, the flow of negative thoughts or stress in general.

To this must be added environmental factors (early trauma experienced during early childhood or more generally life events) and our education (how emotional intelligence has been transmitted to us ?).

But as strong as one is, managing one’s emotions requires energy and resources. And when a succession of difficult life events is too fast to be able to recharge, exhaustion is waiting … it is the too much famous modern BURN OUT.

Thus, whatever our “genetic happiness” is, we are not immune to the events of life. Hence the importance of re-energizing oneself emotionally as soon as we have the opportunity to be ready to face the accumulations of situations that life sometimes imposes on us.