Physically, it is a kind of muscular hammock that forms the floor of our pelvis, and therefore of the trunk. It contains the viscera. Contrary to preconceived ideas, the perineum is not the prerogative of women, men also are endowed with this muscular set. But since it is open to the outside in women, it is a zone of frequent prolapse that makes more often talk about it.

Biomechanically, it acts in synergy with the diaphragm during breathing, responding to its lowering action on inhalation and return on exhalation.

This is also where mulabandha (the tendinous center of the perineum) can be activated.

Energetically, according to yogic tradition, it is the seat of the first chakra, muladara, linked to our grounding, our survival, our security.

Emotionally, it is a place « charged» especially for the woman, in which many tensions and traumas can be stored. Too much or not enough tonicity can disrupt pregnancy or childbirth.

It is important to take care of it, to protect it against chronic hyperpressure, but also against hyper or hypotonicity and therefore to work both its strength and its flexibility, in coordination with the muscles of the body that are synergistic (Who work together).

INHALE…….EXHALE…… Maybe you feel the effect of your breathing in your perineum? Try for a few breaths to feel this “hammock” receive light pressure from your organs, without forcing naturally 🙂