What is “happy food” ?

What is “happy food” ?

I have already told you that we become what we eat, no? Happy food, happy mood. But what do you mean by “happy food”?

For the yogi, it is the food filled with Prana, the one that has been fed by nature, sun, natural water, rich soil etc.

This food is not difficult to identify, it is the one that is easy to digest and eliminate from our system. By observing what is going on within your body in relation to what you are eating, you will probably find that plants are the best answer to this definition … but only your body can confirm it.

So be curious, get to know the foods that make your body happy, and most often avoid those that make it grumpy!


The Prana

The Prana

For the yogi, Prana is the vital energy. It is the equivalent of qi or chi. “Pra” means “before”, “na” “breathing”. Prana is the energy that precedes all life according to yogic tradition.

Without Prana, no life then. Thus we shall leave this earth by an expiration of the last little Prana which kept us alive until then.

Prana is found not only in healthy, untreated food, but also in the air we breathe. That is why some yogis claim to have lived several years by feeding exclusively with Prana (no physical nourishment!)

To fill up with Prana is to fill up with vital energy.

The next time you are in a place that seems to be loaded with this Prana (in the forest, by the sea, in the countryside, in a park, by a lake, in the mountains etc.), try to fill up yourself: take several deep inhalations while thinking of this Prana vibrating around you that enters your lungs

Hold the breath for a moment and then exhale by letting the Prana spread in all the cells of your body 🙂