You decide to start to meditate but do not know precisely what to do?

No more excuse, here are a few steps to start in the minute!

  1. First, choose a place where you can settle without being disturbed during the time you decided to allocate to yourself. Early in the morning is an ideal time because the mind and the environment are generally still quiet, but meditation can just as effectively be practiced at any other time of the day!
  2. Sit down: kneeling, cross-legged, on a cushion or a meditation bench, on a chair without resting your back, feet flat on the floor. Take some time to find your posture: the hands can rest on the thighs, the knees or one on the other in front of the lower abdomen. The important thing is that you can sit in a position where you can keep your back straight, without too much effort or tension – “dignified and flexible”.
  3. Become aware of your breath and follow it. Without rejecting what is happening around you, be present to each of your breath, without willfully modifying or controlling it. Whenever you realize that a thought, an emotion, an image, a perception has distracted your attention (and this will happen, fore sure), you are at the heart of the process of meditation: study of the mind’s functioning. Simply acknowledge “Oh a thought!” without judging or extrapolating, and return to your breath, your bodily sensations. Repeat this process as many times as necessary.
  4. When the time you have previously set has elapsed (you may encounter thoughts inviting you to regain “active life” before that, your mind is smart, do not let yourself be trapped!), the practice is over. Maybe you feel calmer (this is not the goal, you will see with the practice that it sometimes varies a lot from one time to another), in this case, can you take with you this new state of being?